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Knowledge College App

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The Knowledge College App is now available for Android and iPhone!  

Go to your Google Playstore or Apple App store and download today!

App features include:

  • Fully stocked library of books, ancient texts, religious text and more!

  • A Social Media App within the App (like Instagram/TikTok) where you have your own profile and upload pics/videos, like others posts, etc.

  • A forum section where you can ask and answer questions like Quora/Reddit

  • A video section where YouTube videos will be posted

  • TV section with relevant movies - Premium Feature

  • Raw Conspiracy Podcast - Premium Feature

  • Community of Knowledge Live Broadcast - Premium Feature


Discovered in Jerusalem in 1963, this 2,000 year old text, originally titled, "The Talmud of Jmmanuel, recounts the history of Jesus Christ, as told by the Disciple, Judas Iscariot.  These ancient texts were discovered by reknown alien contactee Billy Meier and an associate.  The texts were translated only up til the 36th Chapter before the Translator and his family were assassinated by the authorities, to keep the public from receiving this explosive knowledge about the true life of the man known as Jesus Christ.

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